Gallery - SIGNでは、これらの作品が文化的な場所に収蔵・展示されるための保存の活動にも取り組んでいる。

In 1941, with an invitation from the Japanese government, Charlotte Perriand carried out a visit to Japan.
Many of the masterpieces of Charlotte Perriand from after the late 1940s show design origins in the awareness of the beauty that has continued from ancient Japan such as traditional crafts from the Tohoku region and the Katsura and Shugakuin Imperial Villas in Kyoto.
Architects Kunio Maekawa and Junzo Sakakura worked together with the office of Le Corbusier; Sori Yanagi worked as an assistant during her visit to Japan; Kenzo Tange selected Charlotte Perriand’s work for many buildings
that he was in charge of such as the former Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Sogetsu Hall.
A number of pieces by architects and designers supporting the Japanese postwar modernism period who are thought to have been influenced by Charlotte Perriand were produced by Tendo Mokko and others.
Unfortunately, most of this work has been allocated to public institutions, and due to buildings being dismantled or renovated, very few of these pieces exist today.
At Gallery – SIGN, we are also actively addressing the preservation of these pieces in storage and on display in cultural locations.