「柳宗理」展(2009 ‒ 2010)や「シャルロット・ペリアンと日本」 展(2011 ‒ 2012)の企画や作品協力を行い、2012 年にはジャン・プルーヴェの娘であり、美術史家のカトリーヌ・プルーヴェ氏協力のもと、阪急コミュニケーションズ(現:株式会社CCCメディアハウス)から「JEAN PROUVÉ CONCEPTEUR‒CONSTRU CTEUR」を出版。


2015年早春、Gallery ‒ SIGN Hiroshimaを平和都市・広島にオープン。

The gallery opened in Ebisu, Tokyo in 2005.

Aiming to communicate the role that Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand played in postwar Japan, it was Asia’ sfirst gallery to specialize in exhibiting the furniture of French designers.

The planning and the cooperation with various collections for the Sori Yanagi Exhibition (2009-2010) and the Charlotte Perriand and Japan Exhibition (2011-2012) took place here. In 2012, based on the cooperation of Catherine Prouvé, art historian and daughter of Jean Prouvé, “Jean Prouvé Concepteru-Constructeur” was published from Hankyu Communications (now CCC Media House).

Also, in the same year, Japan Space Design Preservation Research was founded, and a spotlight was focused on the works of Junzo Sakakura, Kenzo Tange and Sori Yanagi, all architects and designers from the same time period. Cooperating with national and international galleries and art museums, our activities include exhibition planning, research and the popularization of Japanese design.

Early Spring 2015, Gallery – Sign Hiroshima will open in Peace City, Hiroshima.

Japan Space Design Preservation Research

近現代空間デザイン保存研究会は、日本に存在する / 存在した近現代の優れたデザインの保存と研究を目的として 2012 年 11 月 3 日に設立されました。詳しくはCONTACTよりお問い合わせください。